7 Creative Ideas to Create Plant As Room Divider

Homifine.com -- Popular plant trends make many people start getting creative to create unique and beautiful new ideas, one of which is by using plants as a barrier between rooms. This will make your home feel fresh and unique. Some ideas that you can emulate, check out 7 Creative Ideas to Create Plant As Room Divider.

Use match color

The first concept is to depict the appearance of plants arranged in a zigzag pattern on hanging shelves. Plants and pots of the same color can both be used. Make a neat, clean, and fresh appearance.

Grid wall for divider

You can use a simple and sleek grid wall to place plants on. It doesn't have to be on the wall, you can make it a room divider that stays open and adds to the appeal of the space.

Stunning plants

This plant divider idea will be an idea that can make your room have a different style. Use the same color between the border frame and the plant pot so you will make the plants stand out more and spread a fresh look to the surrounding area.

Clean look

This divider shelf appears to show various types of floating plants neatly arranged. This is due to the use of thin shelves, which make the room appear more flexible and less cluttered. Plants can be used as a cover from one room to another.

Use standing plant

Hanging plants and other vines can be displayed on standing shelves. Only by incorporating these plants can you create a standing shelf to serve as a barrier between areas in a room. You can modify it to fit the size of the room you want to divide.

Simple hanging plants

Hanging plants in the area of the room that you want to separate is a simple idea that doesn't require a lot of furniture. If you want a more enclosed look, choose hanging plants that stick out thickly, and use simpler plants if you want a look that still feels connected between rooms.

Clever hanging shelf divider

This final suggestion will make you feel completely refreshed at home. The use of hanging shelves for various plants will provide you with a fun activity to do in your spare time, namely caring for your house plants. Your brilliant idea of separating rooms in this manner will astound anyone.

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