7 Living Wall Design Ideas for a Fashionable Vertical Garden

7 Living Wall Design Ideas for a Fashionable Vertical Garden

Homifine.com -- Change the infrastructure of the room's walls with living plants to provide the needed green and natural feel. Lowering plants into the room will bring the owner closer to nature. Furthemore, the benefits of plants can help you overcome stress, increase productivity, and acts as a natural air purifier. Consider a living wall that has been beautifully assembled with shelves or other hooks and is covered with plants. Take a look at this lovely example.

The living wall in the room's corner


If you are fortunate enough to still have ample light in the room, you can repurpose this corner as a minimalist living wall that looks lush. Because the plants chosen for this vertical garden model are also best for all areas, including low light room, such as pothos, philodendron, or monstera, it will require minimalis maintenance.

Dangling from tree branches


This will perform better if tree branches from the forest are used. You can hang plants to display a variety of plants that are easy to care for. This idea can be repeated year after year and applied to any type of vine that will bring life and renewal to the walls of your room.

Hanging pot functional partition


Bring ornamental plants into all of your rooms, including one without a wall that is quite large and can be seen from all directions. This has a decorative effect and is a good choice for accent partitions as well as vertical plant arrangements that don't take up much floor space. However, the planter and white iron look clean and shiny. 

Wall-mounted planters in the living room


This cabinet can be used to create lush decor with dangling plants that hang nicely on the wall in any room. This plant can cover almost all walls, creating a more soothing atmosphere and bringing nature closer.

A collection of the same planter


This wall example makes little effort to be visually appealing. The use of a clay planter will add visual interest to a space while also ensuring that the plants will provide significant benefits. This design can be repeated on a regular basis for several years to come.

Plant stand


A display shelf, such as this once, is an excellent way to create a vertical garden against a living wall in a room. A location that can be anywhere, a plant that is easy to care for, tolerant of different conditions and room humidity, and a watering schedule that can be changed or ignored.

Tiered wall design


The idea of making this living wall storied and making the contents of the room more gentle is quite appealing. A great option for those who enjoy ornamental plants that can be adjusted to fit the size of the room. This living wall can accommodate a variety of plants and is sure to become a popular trend year after year.


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