7 Houseplants that Are Literally Fragrant Air Fresheners

Homifine.com -- Besides being known for their freshness, having plants at home is also known for various benefits such as decoration and also as a natural air purifier. Some plants are also owned because they can create a distinctive aroma and make the house feel more fragrant. For some plants that can smell great, check out 7 Houseplants that Are Literally Fragrant Air Fresheners.



You can grow citrus at home, not just in the garden behind the house, with several advantages. You can pick the fruit for consumption in addition to having a fresh and distinct citrus smell. It would be a good idea to put it in the kitchen.



Mint is a herbal plant that is commonly used in the home as a natural fragrance. Aside from being a fragrance, the leaves can also be mixed with warm tea to make your throat feel more comfortable.




Lavender is also a plant that is known as a natural fragrance in the house. This plant has purple flowers that everyone knows about. Having lavender in your home can also help you repel mosquitoes well. Mosquitoes don't like the smell of lavender and will stay away from the area where you put lavender.




 You can have this jasmine plant at home if you want a strong floral scent. They have green leaves like other plants, but what distinguishes them is their white flowers, which you can pick to spread their fragrance throughout the room.



You might be surprised to learn that when you place this plant in your home, it emits a pleasant aroma. Hoya can have flowers that are not only beautiful but also fragrant, in addition to beautiful leaves. Hoya carnosa Rubra, Hoya obovata, and Hoya retusa are among the hoyas that can be transformed into fragrant plants.





At first glance it looks like jasmine, this plant can also have a very fragrant aroma and will be very strong at night. The white flowers will also make you happy with thick leaves that don't fall off easily.




This plant is very well known for the beauty of the flowers that come with various colors in their varieties. When you have it, you will smell the cinnamon scent combined with the vanilla from this beautiful plant. Do you know it?





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