7 Top Full Sun Houseplants That Like The Heat

 Homifine.com - Usually, many plants love with bright indirect light. But, you can see plants that thrive in full sun and heat. Before going into further, you must know between bright indirect and direct light. 

Plant that can live in bright indirect light, the means is plant can thrive in a lot of light but can't place where actual sun rays touch the leaves. 

And for plants live at direct light, it means the plant can thrive under the sun rays. And now, you can look this knowledge for Full Sun Houseplant That Like Heat

Haworthia fasciata 'Zebra Bitkisi'


Zebra plant can call with little green flame can bring character at your house. Include non-toxic succulent. Zebra plant can thrive in full sun and safe for cats. 

They originally from Eastern Cape in South Africa, and need a very bright spot to display and a nice planter with proper drainage. Overwatering can kill this houseplant.

Ponytail Palm


This beauty plant can dress up your room. To be known, Ponytail palm is not palm tree, but they have similar structure with palm. And this houseplant includes succulent. Low maintenance, Ponytail palm is a non-toxic succulent that slow to growing. 

Ponytail palm can thrive in full sun and well for any light condition. They also adapt in dry environments, but really adapt well in any average home condition.

Jade Plant (Crassula ovata)


Best houseplant and can thrive in full sun, Jade plant native to South Africa. This houseplant, easy to maintenance and perfect place at home for Feng Shui. Watering this Jade plant when the top of soil feels dry.

Snake Plant (Sanseviera)


Popular as purifying air, snake plant can grow and thrives in any condition. You can put them at indoor with high humidity or at outdoor above full sun and heat. Snake plant has yellow and green leaves and they also many varieties that can bring attractive for your garden at home.

String of Pearls (Senecio Rowleyanus)


Native to Southwest Africa, String of pearls is a perennial plant and include succulent vine. This houseplant can thrive in full sun. 

String of pearls has long and thin stems with juicy beads make intriguing. Don't overwater this houseplant, it can kill them. Make watering String of pearls in every second week.

African Milk Bush (Euphorbia umbellata)


African milk bush is an amazing full sun houseplant that native to Central Africa. This houseplant is a succulent, not cactus. Can live in very bright light, they need little watering, only water once a month.

Aloe Vera


Besides full sun houseplant, Aloe vera is a good medicinal plant that perfect grows at indoor or outdoor. Aloe Vera become an extremely popular indoor succulent that can purifying air. They need very little water because the leaves and roots packed with water.

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