Six Pink Leafy Plants That Will Catch Your Eye -- Plants are not always green. You can have plants with other pretty colors, like pink. Plants with pink color will bring a pleasant atmosphere and symbolize love. You can have it as a beautiful decoration in the house. For some pink leafy plants you'll love, check out Six Pink Leafy Plants That Will Catch Your Eye.




Caladium is one of the plants that has many pink-leaved varieties. Some of them are caladium florida swwetheart, caladium spring fling, caladium kathleen, caladium fannie munson, and several other varieties. You do not need difficult care for this plant. Place it in a bright area to meet its light needs.

Callisia Rosato

It would be fascinating to have it as a hanging plant. Its small purplish pink leaves will catch anyone's attention. Place it on a lighter area if you want more pink. But keep an eye on things so the leaves don't burn.

Hoya Rosita

Apart from Calissia, you can also have hoya as an amazing hanging plant. For the pink-leaved variety, you will find it at Hoya Rosita. Place it in a small pot with a compost composition that fits into the soil. Place it in a bright area with indirect light.

Syngonium Orm Nak

You'll adore this pink-leaved syngonium. Have it as a beautiful room decoration and spread love. Do not forget to pay attention to its care. This plant likes regular watering and moist soil, as well as bright, indirect sunlight.

Begonia rex

Begonia rex is one of the unique and beautiful leafy plants. One of the popular ones is polka dot leaves with beautiful flowers. However, if you are a collector of pink leaf plants, you will love this variety. Give the same care as begonia in general.

African Violet

African violet is one of the most popular dwarf plants. Not only has beautiful leaves, this plant can also flower beautifully. Have it as a living room table decoration and many people will ask for this beautiful plant.

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