7 Houseplant that Will Help You Sleep Better

7 Houseplant that Will Help You Sleep Better

Homifine.com -- Bringing plants into the bedroom will help to refresh the atmosphere and appearance of the space. Did you know that bringing plants into the bedroom can help improve your health? Especially if you have trouble sleeping through the night. Plants will make you feel better and help you sleep better.

 Bamboo palm


Bamboo palms are excellent at removing toxic compound from the air, which can cause respiratory issues. NASA has certified this air purifying plant that you bring into your bedroom to be an 8.4 percent high purifier. This plant will thrive with proper watering and lighting.

Aloe  Vera


This plant, also known as a nutritious plant, is thought to be the most effective at filtering chemicals and toxins from the air. As a result, it is appropriate for bedrooms that can release oxygen at night. This plant will thrive with minimal care and attention. And can boost your immune system while also improving your sleep.

Spider plant


On NASA's list of air filters, the spider plant is one of the most common house plants. This plant has the ability to remove up to 90% of harmful formaldehyde. Place it in a bright area to promote growth.



This ornamental plant, known for its fresh scent of small white flowers, can relax and act as a natural sedative. You can feel good about bringing this plant into your bedroom to reduce anxiety, make you feel calmer, and improve your sleep quality.



The scent of lavender is unmistakable in its ability to relax you. The right plant for this bedroom will make the owner feel at ease and relaxed. This plant can also be used as an essential oil to help you sleep better.



A hoya is an affectionate plant with thick, long leaves that grows on vines. Has a flower in the shape of a cluster with a sweet scent that can provide a restful night's sleep. Store in an area that receives indirect sunlight and water moderately.

Rubber trees


Rubber trees are considered air-purifying plants that are also good for bedroom, in addition to being a room decoration. Avoid overheated sun, which can cause the leaves to burn and fall off.

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