Weird Plant of the Month: Carrion Flower (Stapelia leendertziae) -- Our admiration for plants knows no bounds. There are many exotic, rare, and one-of-kind plants that you could add to your collection. This stapelia leendertziae is one of them. This plant is known by many names, including carrion flower, black bells, and others.

This succulent has a fresh appearance, but there is a hidden thing you need to know. Find out in Weird Plant of the Month: Carrion Flower (Stapelia leendertziae).

Stapelia leendertziae, the exotic succulent


Stapelia leendertziae is a succulent plant. It is a fast-growing succulent that is easy to grow and cultivate. Native to southern Africa. At first glance, you will be amazed by how its crested stem display unique, large, bell-shaped flowers. The deep red to dark purple flower color makes it a showy succulent.

This succulent goes by many names, the most common includes bell stapelia, maroon cup starfish, black belles, carrion flower, rugose cup starfish, and rooiaasbloom (Afr). 

The hideous flower


You can tell why it's called a carrion flower just by hearing at its name. The flower does look pretty, hanging beautifully from the fuzzy but not prickly stem, bit it has a scent that makes you wince.

Stapelia flower has a strong, unpleasant, musty, or carrion-like odor; some say it smells like rotting rats. But don't worry the smell is not overpowering; you must inhale deeply to detect it. Being a few inches away without inhaling deeply into the flower will not make you feel any bad odor. That's why, having it in the garden won't ruin your moment there.

The low-maintenance succulent


This unique succulent is low maintenance, just like other succulents. This plant is also frost-resistant. In its natural habitat, it grows on stony or rocky ground with sandy, shallow soil.

You can plant it in a shallow, wide pot or hanging pot with suitable soil. Watering can be done regularly in spring and summer, make sure the soil is dry before watering again.

The sun-loving exotic plant


Just like its other succulent relatives, this stapelia succulent like a warm spot with full light sun exposure, but not with direct sunlight during the hottest month. Flowers will grow faster in a warm location and not being overwatered.

Required pruning


This succulent grows best within a year, after which the oldest parts become flabby and begin to deciline. That part will eventually die, but it will replaced by new, healthier shoots. When this occur, you can trim the affected areas to keep the carrion flower looking fresh and exotic.

Stapelia disease


This unique succulent is sensitive to overly humid conditions. This can lead to black spots and other fungal problems. Fungcides may need to be applied during the winter to anticipate this. Stapelia is also susceptible to mealybug and should be treated immediately if infected.

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