6 Genius Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home

 Homifine.com - Seeing tidy thing at home or anywhere provide its own satisfaction. Behind that tidy and arranged items, of course, there is an effort to arrange these items properly and thoughtfully. So, we will show to you little information about 6 Genius Storage Ideas for Your Entire Home. Let's check it out!

Minimalist shoe storage

Anyway, most of us use a large cabinet or open rack for shoe storage. And if you wanna have minimalist storage for shoes, try using a push rack like the picture. The design looks simple, and minimalist, and also saves space. You can put this shoe rack wherever you want.

Hidden and simple trash can

Trash can sometimes make a messy room if placed carelessly. Especially if any kids are in the home, it will make it like a war place. So, try to make the trash can place hidden but still makes it easier when you wanna throw garbage. Such put the trash can hung on the cabinet door for example.

Stunning hang and push rack in the cabinet

Maximize the cabinet for storage. If you have too many items, try a modification of the cabinet storage. Such create a hanging rack on a cabinet door or push rack for ease when you wanna take or save items.

Laundry rack storage

Arranging the laundry room is also important to have a pretty and comfy room at home. You can create a rack as storage and combine it with an ironing area. It will make perfect the design and also bring comfort when you get the activity in this area.

Divide the fruits and veggies basket

Dividing the fruits and veggies is important in the kitchen area. It will affect the healthy life and make the kitchen look stunning and comfortable by having tidy storage. You can make the fruits and veggies divided by their kinds with the basket. Then, put the basket under the kitchen table or anywhere that is suitable for them.

Utilize corner space for the bookcase and reading area

The empty corner area can use as a mini library or reading spot. Make the bookcase by hanging the rack in this corner space. Then, make the deck or sofa for seating.

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