7 Best Houseplants for Small Apartements

Homifine.com -- Some of us may live in small apartments. Not much space left, maybe only limited access to natural lighting, but that doesn't means it limits us from having plants in our living space. Plants will be a refreshing companion, giving the living space a more natural atmosphere. With that in mind, we've complied the 7 best houseplants for small apartments.

1. Anthurium (Flamingo Lily)


Beautify the table in your small apartment with anthurium or flamingo lily. This tropical plant have res spathe among their green leaves. This lovely plant only needs bright, indirect light, making it ideal for small space without direct sunlight. The red of anthurium will add a pop of bright color to any space.

2. Oxalis


Purple up your small apartment with oxalis or purple shamrocks.  This plant has exotic foliage that will amaze anyone. Luckily, the purple shamrocks grow well in indirect sunlight, as the direct sun will scorch their leaves and flowers. You can place this exotic purple plant as shelf decor.

3. Baby toes


Baby toe plant is another name for Fenestaria rhopalophylla. It's a low-growing succulent with thick club leaves as small as baby toes. The baby toe plant, as a small succulent, is great for tabletop decor. This plant is relatively easy to care for and prefers infrequent watering.

4. Pothos plant


Don't miss pothos as the best plant for small apartments. Pothos is everyone's choice for spaces that are low to medium light. A plant that grows well anywhere. The dangling foliage is perfect for hanging or growing a train on a support. Pothos is a plant choice that doesn't take up much space.

5. Chinese Money Plant


A cute plant with rounded leaves that some people say as a good luck plant. Pilea peperomiodes atau Chinese Money Plant is a plant that you can grow in the medium window like this one. You might buy one from a nursery, but you can easily propagate them using the water propagation method.

6. Snake plant


Snake plant is the perfect plant for dark corners in your apartment. Plants with upright leaves that are also active to purify the indoor air. This plant does well in low light but prefer bright, indirect light. You can choose a tall snake plant variant as a fresh floor decor.

7. Parlor palm


Parlor palm is a classic choice to give your small apartment to touch of natural elegance. It grows well in places with little sunlight, which will keep it from growing too big. Parlor palm does not like direct sunlight as it will burn its leaves.

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