7 Houseplants that Thrive in Dry Conditions

7 Houseplants that Thrive in Dry Conditions

Homifine.com -- There are numerous plant species that thrive in a wide range of weather, water, and lighting conditions. However, there are not many people years there are adaptable plants for dry spaces in the House indoors, plants with low humidity can thrive. Even in spaces with dry air, certain types of plants can be grown that can withstand dry conditions in nature.



The best ornamental plant for dry air will be kalanchoe. which thrives in dry air and low humidity. When the weather is cold, wrap it around an open window sill.

Wax plant


The thick wax-like leaves of this wax plant can hold water. This means that it can withstand dry weather and drought. This wax plant has lovely flowers that bloom and look lovely in hanging baskets.



This syngonium is commonly known as the arrowhead and is an excellent choice for dry area. Low maintenance, this plant grows slowly but easily and is ideal for hanging baskets. This will be an attractive land cover is left to creep on the ground. IT can also function as an air purifier. 

Silver Squill


The silver squill is completely tolerant of dry conditions. These plants usually thrive in areas with plenty of natural light. Its one of a kind appearance is lovely as decoration. However, be cautions if this plant is sensitive to cold winds.



This delightful and attractive room plant can survive in humidity levels above 30%. This yucca grows upright and has a lovely stalk-like appearance for the room's corner. Its high humidity level will give the room a tropical feel.

Bunny Ear Cactus


This rabbit ear cactus is also known as an angel wings cactus. This plant has beautifully yellow flowers and thick green leaves. These cacti thrive in dry climates and grown to be 2 - 3 feet tall. It requires little care and is drought tolerant. 

Scented Geranium


Scented geraniums are a good choice if you want a flower plant that is easy to care for and has a pleasant aroma. The plant thrives in container and prefers bright indirect light. Treatment is not difficult at all.

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