7 Pink Leafy Plants that Offer Subtle Color to the Room

7 Pink Leafy Plants that Offer Subtle Color to the Room

Homifine.com -- Use pink leafy plants that can give the millennial trend pink and reddish hue to add a new splash of pink color inside the house. Pink colors gives the room the most beautiful look as a beautiful look as beautiful enjoyment and gives a bright look. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor plants. 



Cordyline grows well as an outdoor plant and can also be used as an ornamental plant. The plant has leathery variegated leaves with pink or white edging. Its wide range will produce fragrant flowers and fruits.

Rex Begonia


This numerous type of begonia with a color and an aviary shape pattern thrives in both direct and indirect sunlight. Water only when the soil is dry, its maximum height is 2 feet.



Syngonium thrives as a vine. Green, white, silver, and delicate pink leaves are all possible. Its low maintenance makes it ideal for beginners, but proper watering is also required.



You can choose from a variety of coleus colors for your garden or room. Colorful edges, beautiful patterns with textured veins and spots will be a lovely addition to a bright space. It is also important to pay attention to its proper watering.



Aglaonema is a popular ornamental deciduous plant that is easy to maintain. Grows well in both bright and low light throughout the season. It can grow to be 3 feet tall and can withstand light. It's a lovely variety with a gleaming light red pattern.

Mosaic Plant


The leaves of this nerve or mosai plant are veined. Veins can be either white or dark pink in color. These plants thrive in containers and make lovely terrariums. Growing prefers indirect light and moist soil.



These garden plants are heuchera perennials. This plant will add a beautiful look to any corner of your room; the colors pink, yellow, and orange make it ideal for a room decoration or a shady garden.

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