7 Small Plants Grow Easily in Low Light

7 Small Plants Grow Easily in Low Light

Homifine.com -- Choosing the right type of houseplant for a dimly lit room can be difficult. To make it grow indoors. Here are 7 small plants that thrive in low light. It won't take long, but it will grow to the desired height.



Fittonia, also known as this nerve plant, is commonly found tropical rainforests. It comes in a variety of colors and has small veined leaves. Keep it in a bright, dry place to show of its vibrant colors.

Snake Plant


Never doubt that a snake plant will grow well in low light. These plants are the slowest growing og the plants that can live for many years. It  lovely variety can grow to be up to 8 feet tall.

Spider plant


Because it grows well in low light the spider plant the most common house plant. All-year-round favorite that thrive even in low light environments. They will bear children in lovely dangling branches.

Lucky bamboo


Lucky bamboo is a plant that will bring good fortune to your home. This plant, which can be grown in water or soil, require very little maintenance. It thrives in the shade and requires little light to improve plant fertility.

Philodendron heart leaf

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The philodendron heart leaf is a common ornamental plant with many variety that grows creepingly. Even in low light conditions, this heart leaf grown vine nad sheds new leaves. It grows quickly and beautifully for hanging basket in corner of rooms.

 Money plant


This chinese money plant is regarded as a lucky plant in the home. This plant produces small shoots around the mother plant and thrive in low-light environments. it can reach a height of 12 feet and prefers dry soil between waterings. 

ZZ Plant


The zz plant requires the least amount of maintenance. It grows well in confined spaces and requires little care. The plant grows well in bright indirect light and can be kept in a dark aisle. It prefers dry soil between waterings.

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