Beautiful Flowering Plants to Grow at Home and Garden -- Seeing plants grow healthy and fresh will make us happier. Especially if the plants produce flowers that are both beautiful and fragrant. It's a simple beauty that will go well with our days. Therefore, you can consider these easy-to-flower plants to grow in your home. Keep reading for beautiful flowering plants to grow at home and garden.

1. Begonia


Begonias are becoming a popular ornamental plant these days. These plants are loved for their foliage and flowers in beautiful colors and shades. Begonias require good light for to grow strong stems and abundant flowers. Whether indoor or outdoor, plant begonias away from direct and excessive sun heat to avoid leaf scorch.

2. Hylotelephium sieboldii (Sedum sieboldii


Have you ever seen this plant? It is a beautiful, low-growing succulent. This succulent sends out unbranched stems froms its short rootstock. The leaves are thick and blue-green in color. The flowers in bright pink cluster like this one can be found at the end of the stem. You can grow this succulent outdoor and indoor. It is an adaptable succulent.

3. Hoya


Hoya is a flowering plant that thrives in both indoor and shady gardens. It produce flower cluster with sweet fragrances like vanilla, chocolate, and citrus. The smell get stronger at night. Make sure the hoya is planted in a pot that's not to big and gets bright, indirect ligh to make it bloom.

4. Amaryllis (Hippeastrum)


Amaryllis flowers are typically grown outdoors in areas with full sun and some shade. Full shade make flowering more difficult, it's better to plant it in a spot that receives 6-8 hours of bright light. This plant works well for flower bed and border in the garden. You can also force amaryllis bulbs to flower indoor with water planting method.

5. Morning glory


Drop your choice of morning glory to beautify the fence or trellis in the garden. This plant is so easy to grow. She will reward you with lush foliage and beautiful blue flowers that bloom in the morning. Just make sure to plant them in a spot with 8 hours of sunlight a day to keep this plant thrive.

6. Hyacinth

You can force the hyacinth bulb to grow and bloom indoors. It may require special treatment to bloom at home. Hyacinth bulbs should be stored in a dark place below 10 degrees Celcius for 4-6 weeks until roots form. Only then they be planted in potting soil in a sunny window.

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