Best Idea Indoor Hanging Plants Placed Near The Windowsill - As a result of limited land, sometimes you have to let the yard to be used as a room or garage. So the desire to have a small green garden should be temporarily removed. But that doesn't mean you can't have a small garden at home. You can take advantage of the window area to create a small garden. The result will certainly be more beautiful and beautiful to look at. You can read Best Idea Indoor Hanging Plants Placed Near The Windowsill !!

Small garden with hanging plants


This small garden you can design with a beautiful and unique look by using beautiful plants. You can use home curtain hangers as a place to hang plants. You can use the type of plant that dangles or vines so that it will make the look beautiful. You can also apply a cactus garden to be placed near the window.

Plants with glass windows


You can take advantage of the front window that is usually empty or rarely used as a small hanging garden. You can have a type of plant that has easy care so it will withstand if placed indoors. You can also put the plant in a hanging manner so that it is more beautiful and does not take up much space.

Hanging plants as decoration


If you have difficulty in determining the decoration of a beautiful room then there is nothing wrong if you use hanging plants. You can put a shelf that is attached to the wall then place the plants on top of the shelf. You can use the type of hanging plants or vines so that the display will be more beautiful.

Hanging Plant In Dining Room 


The dining room that is placed near the window will indeed make the look more comfortable and will also improve your mood when eating food. For that you can also decorate this dining room with plants to make it cooler and fresh. You can put the plant on a shelf that is hung on the wall near the window. Try to choose the right type of plant.

Vines on the window


To make it look more attractive and cool you can also propagate plants around the window. So that the windows of the House will be surrounded by fresh greenery. You can use the type of plant that propagates and has easy maintenance so you are not complicated in caring for it.

Using large size plants


In order to look more full of beautiful and you can use plants with large sizes. You can use snake plants, rubber plants, banana plants, etc. For hanging plants you can use fern plants that are placed in pots and then hung. Later it will produce a beautiful and also charming look.

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