Simply Gorgeous Home with Balcony and Cozy Setting -- A small, beautiful home can now be shown in a simple but impactful setting. This time, we'd like to invite you to see the interior design of @takinada, which has  a cozy interior design that we can easily adapt at home. Each space is designed to be bright and has appealing to anyone who sees it.

This is a Simply Gorgeous Home with Balcony and Cozy Setting.

Simple but bright living room ideas


This living room is quite simple with essential furniture there. However, the choice of furniture design and color makes the space more lively. The sofa in deep blue looks great with the bright cushions. The light blue rug adds warmth to this simple setting, while the yellow chandelier adds a pop of color.

A bright living space with decorative light

You can apply the interior arrangement here, especially if you live in a small house. The house has an open-plan concept to organize the living room, dining area, and kitchen close together but does not feel cramped. The interior is also bright with white walls and wooden floors, it remains aesthetic at night thanks to the string lights mounted on the curtains and vertically on the walls.

Small but lovely kitchen ideas


Simply design your small kitchen in this manner. This kitchen has an L-shaped layout that makes good use of a small space. It has a beautiful white and wood countertop. To create a sense of space, a portion of walls has a floating shelf. The most impactful decor is the yellow fridge that effortlessly adds style and color to this kitchen.

A freshly beautiful balcony

Do you want your balcony to be beautiful and safe from weather change? This balcony design suitable for use at home. The balcony is enclosed with a roof and is surrounded by glass windows. Sliding glass windows still provide outside view and fresh air to the balcony. Just bring a comfy cushioned bench to help you relaxed here.

Beautify with plants


This small and elongated balcony has a corner space that can be well optimized. The owner set it up for decorations such as houseplants and a rustic items. A wooden stacking shelf make the decorations well-organized and neat, giving a natural artsy touch to this small balcony.

Simple cozy bedroom setting

The bedroom is cozy with a bed in shades of light blue. The wall above the headboard is quite aesthetic with pretty frames in good order. The nightstand was chosen in the same color as the bedding for a harmonious look.

Small yet fresh bathroom


The bathroom has almost the same vibe as the bedroom. It had a light blue color that works well with the white tiles on the walls. This small bathroom has a vanity and smart storage. The smart storage is making use of the corner shape as a pretty flower shelf and using the blank wall to install a towel rack, as shown.

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