Succulent Care - How to Care for Burros Tail -- Various varieties of succulents have their own characteristics and charm. One of the most popular varieties is this one. They are commonly called burros tail or donkeys tail because they grow out of the pot and look elongated like a tail. Many people have them beautifully due to proper care. For those of you who want to have one, make sure to put the best care. Check out Succulent Care - How to Care for Burros Tail.



 Location and lighting


The best placement for burros tail as a house plant is near a window with indirect bright light. Choose a window area that gets more morning sunlight than afternoon. Although it loves bright light, burros tail also tolerates partially shaded conditions.



What you need to remember and pay close attention to is that over-watering can cause the burros tail to be damaged. Beforehand, you need a soil that does not settle water and a pot that has good drainage. Soil that drains easily will prevent water from settling on the roots and make the plant rot. If you place it in good light, water it once or twice every 2 weeks. The plump leaves will shrink when they need water. This is a common sign that you can remember.

Temperature and humidity


Succulents are one of the easiest and most fun plants to care for. They will grow healthily in warm tropical climates. However, for regions that have cold winters, this plant should be placed in a warm room. As for the humidity, this plant likes a moderate level and avoid too high humidity as it can cause the risk of rotting.



Actually, fertilization is not really necessary for this succulent because they grow very easily. But to maximize their nutrients for healthy growth, feed them early in their growing season in spring. What you can try is that mature succulents prefer quarter strength while younger ones feed with a little nitrogen.



Burros tail is one of the succulents that can be easily propagated. Choose healthy stems and leaves and pick them during spring or summer. Leaf cuttings can be made by placing leaves from the tail stem into moist soil. In a few days they will germinate and can be made into new plants that you can care for according to the guidelines above.

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