6 Cute and Exotic Mini Succulent for Indoor Decoration

Homifine.com -- Mini succulents are so popular these days. Its small size, versatility, and low maintenance make it ideal for indoor decoration. Not to mention the beauty of the small succulents in their unique colors, shapes and patterns, which all add to the allure of owning mini succulents at home. Decorate your room with our selection of these 6 Cute and Exotic Mini Succulent for Indoor Decoration.

Echeveria rosette


Get an echevaria like this one. This mini succulent needs very little space to grow well at home. What is unique is the shape of the rosette leaves, which have burgundy-color tips that contrast with the green color. It is important to keep this succulent away from cold drafts. You can place it in a sunny position, such as a warm and bright windowsill.

Aloinopsis schoonesii x rosulata


Aloinopsis is a genus of ice plant native to South Africa. At first glance, this succulent appears to be a rock-like plant with an unusual shape. It's very pretty, especially with the yellow flowers that bloom in the winter. Aloinopsis will brighten up any indoor setting.

Faucaria Tigrina (Tiger's Jaw)


This succulent's name is as exotic as its shape. It gets the nickname Tiger's Jaw for the shape of its ferocious-teeth-like in triangular shape. Even so, this plant is not a carnivorous or monster plant. The teeth-like shape of the leaves works to collect water. This succulent will produce beautiful yellow blooms in the winter and autumn.

Colorful houseleek


Houseleek is a succulent from the Sempervivum gentus of the Crasulaceace family. This succulent has a low-growing habit. The growth will form a lovely rosette-shaped in a variety of colors. Houseleek is a mini succulent that is simpel to grow at home. You can even grow multiple varietis of houseleek in the same container as a display houseleek.

Crown of Thorns


Euphorbia milli has another name as Crown of Thorns. The stems are spiny, but this succulent produces beautiful flowers that look like the crown of the plant. Euphorbia milii is suitable for you to get a touch of beauty and ferocity. This succulent can grow thick and tall, but you can do some pruning to keep it as a unique, mini succulent at home.

Jade plant


Jade plant are the most popular small succulents. Jade plants are inexpensive, easy to grow, and propagate. The jade plant is also thought to bring good luck to those who look after it. You can easily care for this succulent by watering it only when the soil begin to dry out and providing it with plenty of bright, indirect light.

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