6 Flowers that Look Like Orchids

 Homifine.com - Orchid is beautiful and popular plants. They come in various sizes, colors, and shapes. And Orchids is the epiphytic or terrestrial plants. Here are 6 Flowers that Look Like Orchids. Check it out!

Orthosiphon aristatus (Cat's Whiskers)


Commonly known as Cat's whiskers or Java tea, this plant or flower has look like an Orchid. This flower is mostly found mainly throughout southern China, tropical Queensland, the Indian subcontinent, and South East Asia.



Calceolaria has delicate and exotic blooms and also looks like an Orchid. And they also prefer to grow in a cool and not overly bright location and are mostly sold for display indoors.

Iris germanica


Resemble Orchid, Iris germanica, or Bearded Iris can grow up from 8 to 38 inches tall. Native to Southern Europe and the Mediterranean, these flowers can bloom in white and purple colors. And the appearance has long, smooth, and sword-like leaves.

Melittis melissophyllum


Melittis melissophyllum or Bastard Balm is a beautiful flower perennial that native to England and Whales. They can grow up around 18 inches tall and produces small, orchid-looking flowers. The flowers are small and waxy and they have 3 petals, the third forming a lip.

Sprekelia 'Early Riser'


Also known as Orchid lily, Sprekelia is native to Mexico and Guatemala. The plant can grow up to around 12 inches tall. The appearance has long and straight leaves, red bloom flowers, and thin petals that set them apart from Orchids.

Petraeovitex bambusetorum


Petraeovitex bambusetorum or Nong Nooch Vine is a beautiful yellow flower that is native to Indonesia. They can grow up to 4 feet tall. And this flower produces large, oval leaves, and bright yellow flowers. To be known, the flowers grow in bundles. 

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