Clean Home Interior Ideas with Clever Color Combination -- The right interior design will of course provide its own comfort for the owner. One of the most important things in the interior design of a house is the choice of colors to be applied. For home interior ideas that look clean but still beautiful, check out Clean Home Interior Ideas with Clever Color Combination.

Open space interior

This interior design appears relieved even though the size is not too large, namely by applying the open space concept. In this room there are several areas such as the living room, dining room, and also the kitchen which are still well organized so that they can function optimally.

Dining area

Overall, this house has a beautiful combination with white domination which makes it look cleaner and brighter. For example, in this dining room, besides the white walls, so it doesn't look boring, the owner combines it with the color of wood on the furniture. In addition, the round mirror decorations on the walls add to the impression that makes the room feel spacious.

Kitchen area

This kitchen is also not far from other areas. Kitchen set with a linear model that has a white color looks to blend in with other interiors around it. To give a touch of a different motif, there is a carpet with the look you like, but still make sure the color selection is not too flashy.

Laundry area

Another area that looks attractive from the interior of this house is the laundry room which is small but looks neat. Apart from the colors that make the room look clean and tidy, some of the storage it uses makes the room look so comfortable for organizing lots of items at once.

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