6 Best Indoor Hanging Plants To Capitalize On Vertical Space

Homifine.com - Now, you can collect many plants without having to worry about the space in the House becoming narrow. As a plant lover you can apply the plant as a room decoration in the House. However, of course you are limited in land and lack of space. For this reason, here we provide tips on how to arrange plants that you can try so that the house contains many plants.

Arrange Vertically

For those of you who have a bedroom with a large enough size then you can use as a plant. You can use hanging plants that are placed around the window so it won't take up much space. By using this hanging plant the look looks unique.

Hanging plants in the bathroom

If you have a shortage of places to put plants then one solution that you can apply is to take advantage of the bathroom window. The bathroom window of this house you can use as a place to hang plants. You can use pots of a unique shape.

Living room hanging plants

The living room is one of the most ideal places to place plants. You can use plants that are placed on the windowsill. You can use hanging plants with a charming look. You can use various types of hanging plants that dangle down so that they are more beautiful.

Hanging plants in the study

The study room or workspace becomes a place that can increase productivity. For that you can put plants around this room. The look of the room with this blue color looks bright so it is suitable when combined with green hanging plants.

Hanging plants in the kitchen

There is nothing wrong if you use the kitchen area as a place for hanging plants. You can put this plant near the window so that the view becomes more attractive and beautiful. You can take advantage of pots with unused items.

Hanging plants in the corner of the room

You can use plants that are placed in the corner of the room. If utilizing the corner of the room will certainly make the look look more beautiful and charming. You can use hanging plants that use pots with a natural look.

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