6 Inspiring Desk Decor Ideas For Home Office


Homifine.com - For those of you who work, of course, the work desk is a place that is used to spend time to increase productivity. Of course, from you comes a feeling of saturation and boredom with the atmosphere of a monotonous and uninteresting work desk. To reduce boredom on the workbench you can decorate the workbench so it's more interesting which can certainly increase your productivity.

Plants can give a fresh touch

One of the easiest ways to decorate a workbench to make it more attractive is to add plants. Putting plants in the room decor can give it a fresh and natural touch. In addition, plants can make your eyes look cooler and not saturated.

Add artsy displays

For the next step to make the workbench more attractive is to add displays that are your favorite artsy. There are many kinds of extensions that you can choose from. Starting from photos, wall decor to paintings to give the impression of art that is deeper and personal.

Choose your favorite color

If you are tired of the monotonous color of the workbench. Then you can add your favorite color knickknacks to the work table to make it more cheerful. Bright colors can improve mood. You can choose the colors that can not get bored.

Bohemian Style 

You can apply the interior style according to your preferences. One style that is usually much loved is bohemian. Bohemian style is a style close to nature. Bohemian style often includes elements of nature in the decoration of the room. This can be found from the use of live plants that are placed in pots and presented indoors.

Minimalist Style 

In addition to using the bohemian style you can apply a minimalist style. By using a minimalist style that emphasizes simple building lines and the use of simple furniture will make your work desk look more attractive and comfortable. You can combine white and fresh soft green.

Bring it closer to the window

The place of the Workbench can be the thing you need to pay attention to. You should put the work desk near the window with maximum lighting so that the atmosphere of the workspace becomes fresher and more comfortable. As in the inspiration above, which puts a workbench near a large glass window.

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