6 Plant Urban Jungle Make Your Space Feel Like an Urban Jungle

6 Plant Urban Jungle Make Your Space Feel Like an Urban Jungle

Homifine.com -- Choosing the right plants is one of the best ways to transform a room into an urban jungle. Some of them may be natural wood plant shelves or wall-mounted. You can make a small difference by selecting the best urban jungle plants. Choose from the following urban jungle plants:



Pothos is a plant that will turn your home into an urban jungle. It grows in a creeping fashion that will complement any room, including the bathroom. This plant is ideal for beginners who don't have a lot of time to devote to it. Pothos is very tolerant of being placed in a low-light environment.



With its patterned foliage, this beautiful and bold urban jungle plant stands out. Several alocasia varieties are available to fill the interior of the room. With large leaves and elegant colors that create a dramatic and tropical impression in the room, the room is guaranteed to feel like an urban jungle.



Monstera is an excellent choice for creating an urban forest atmosphere at home. Aside from the room, you can let it grow in the bathroom and bedroom, where it can be trained to climb on shelves or windows. Its exotic, large, tropical leaves, which are green in color, create a forest effect.

Crocodile Fern


A wild yet aesthetically pleasing plant can be used to create an urban jungle indoors. Crocodile fern, also known as microsorum musifolium, has leathery leaves and wavy tips that resemble crocodile skin.



Schefflera is a plant that can transform a room's appearance and create a forest atmosphere. This collection will look great in the areas surrounding the house, such as the terrace and garden. This plant's creeping leaves and ability to grow anywhere will create a lovely effect in the room.

English ivy


English Ivy is a climbing plant that appears exotic and tropical. Our ideal forest will be made up of plants that can be trained to cover these walls. These plants are frequently used to give rooms a tropical look and an urban forest atmosphere.

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