Clean and Cozy Interior Design Ideas | Easy to Follow -- When it comes to dream homes and interiors, many of us are not greedy. The most important aspect is to be able bring comfort as the primary requirement. If you want a comfy and clean home, there's nothing wrong with looking at this review of a clean boho interior. Every space is well designed and decorated, which we can easily adapt at home easily. 

Living room with minimalist aesthetic


Make your small living room more attractive by using a minimalist aesthetic style. Use slim furniture that doesn't take up a lot of space there. Decorations are strategically placed so that no space is wasted. Adding beautiful patterns to decorations and furnishings, but not too vibrant, makes this living room minimalist but lively.

Clean, spacious kitchen design

A kitchen in crisp white tones, such as this one, exudes effortless style. White tones work well with wooden floors to create a cozy atmosphere. A kitchen with a galley layout has a large center space that doesn't feel crowded. Indoor plants placed vertically and horizontally here make it feel more alive and fresh.

Hallway with fresh decoration


Don't let the hallway look lonely and scary! You can put decorations that won't fit in other rooms here. Placing contemporary pendant lights and aesthetic wall mirrors will make a small hallway even more stylish. Your pet doesn't hesitate to cuddle up in the aisle that has a clean and soft rug.

Warm and clean bedroom

A warm and clean bedroom will undoubtedly make the owner feel relaxed. Using a white color scheme and wooden floors, but with a deep color center wall to give the space a non-monotonous feel. The bedroom also features a TV entertainment and artsy decor to keep it inviting.

Helpful window


Nordic or Boho-style interior, maximizing light to enter optimally into the house. So, there are always large windows in every living space to provide natural light to illuminate and warm the house. The concept of a house with lots of windows is also quite good for homes in tropical climates.

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