Eye Catching Plant Setting Ideas To Beautify Your Interior


Homifine.com - Plants should not only be an interesting collection, but can become a soothing element of home decor. In addition, placing houseplants in the room also has a positive effect on health. For those of you who want to decorate your house with ornamental plants, don't hesitate to put several plants at once. There is nothing wrong with making your room seem like a shady, fresh, and soothing oasis.

Put Plants In Unexpected Rooms

Add excitement to a boring corner of the room with some well-placed plants. "I'm always looking for a way to slip a small plant into such an unexpected place. They make the space dynamic, " Carter said. In addition, the heart-shaped philodendrons placed around the mirror frame really add depth and attractiveness to the room

Use Groups Of Plants That Are Close To Each Other As A Focal Point

Sometimes more is more. I love the feeling that wild plants have taken over the space, " Carter said. According to him, there is nothing wrong with using several ornamental plants placed close to each other as a focal point in the room. However, to keep things from getting too out of control, only place plants that you can take care of.

Surround The Seating Area With Plants

The author of the book Wild Interiors: Beautiful Plants in Beautiful Spaces suggests that you surround the seating area with ornamental plants. He gave an example is to put tall green ornamental plants around the chair. "By collecting plants in this deliberate way, homeowners can create places that appeal to everyone," Carter said.

Beautify A Relaxing Space With Plants

Unlike flower vases, plants can breathe life into your relaxing space. You can put pothos so that it can be the center of your relaxing space, because this plant has leaves with a beautiful shape. Pothos can also brighten a neutral corner to make it beautiful.

Corner Of The Room Near The Balcony

You can also use the balcony as a place for plants. Use green plants by placing them in pots arranged on beautiful shelves. This plant can beautify the room of your home. In addition, plants placed near the balcony are certainly more beautiful and well-groomed.

Plants In The Corner Of The Room

You can use unused corners of your house as a place to put plants. Use plants that are suitable for indoor use so that it is easier to maintain. You can put in a pot with an interesting and unique design.

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