How to Grow and Decorate a Home with Amazing Tradescantia

How to Grow and Decorate a Home with Amazing Tradescantia -- Tradescantia is a diverse plant that belongs to the tropical plant family, is suitable for all environments, and its species are extraordinary. This tropical plant variety is simple to grow and care for. This tradescantia is a forgiving plant that is suitable for beginning gardeners. Its distinctive appearance is not only suitable for space decoration, but also for filling the landscape of the house. Here are some general facts about Tradescantia:


Tradescantia is also known as spiderwort, purple liver, mabar, widow's tears, and this plant. It is native to North, Central, and South America and grows in tropical or semi-tropical environments where it can grow outdoors. The plant prefers full sun and is easy to care for. 

Grow tradescantia tips


Tradescantia can be grown easily indoors, such as around window sills. Loves indirect sunlight. The afternoon sun should be avoided because it can cause the leaves to burn. Place in a shaded area, depending on the variety. These plants can be kept inside a room or in a shaded area for months. 


Tradescantia grows best in temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, with temperatures no lower than 50. This plant prefers humidity. with a high humidity. During the winter, Tradescantia can tolerate low indoor humidity. If you want to add more moisture, fill it with gravel and water and use a humidifier to raise the humidity.


Use fertile, well-drained soil with an acidic pH of 5.0 - 6.5. This tradescantia can usually tolerate moist garden soil. Use high-quality multi-purpose potting soil when growing an ornamental plant. Choose a planting pot that is larger than the root ball and ensure that the drainage can drain well to avoid root rot.

Tradescantia care and maintenance


Water is required to keep the soil moist; however, excessive watering can cause arc roots. During the growing season, apply a balanced liquid fertilizer once a month. Apply loose all-purpose fertilizer no later than early spring if you're laying outside. To keep it healthy, prune and repot it on a regular basis. 

Weed the pests with insecticides or water and apply 70% alcohol to the affected area.

Common tradescantia issues


Fading leaf color, withering, brown tip, curly, flabby roots, scorched leaves, leaf spots, and striped leaf color from green to yellow are all common problems that can affect tradescantia. Identify such issues and take preventative measures, paying special attention to watering, lighting, and fertilization. This could lead to excessive or inattentive care.

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