Modern Boho Jungle Home Decor Ideas -- Having a comfortable home is of course a fun thing for the family. The following is a boho jungle house idea that combines warm color tones with a refreshing touch of plants around it. For some details that you can see and imitate the concept, check Modern Boho Jungle Home Decor Ideas.



Living room

For the first area is the living room. Choosing a small sofa with soft colors makes this small room a comfortable facility. To give a decorative touch, there are some wicker walls and wall shelves filled with small vases filled with plants. The light coming in from the large window of the living room makes this room appear more perfect.

Dining room

The next area is the dining area. The bohemian look looks so distinctive in this area by using wood colors combined with white around it. The existence of a chandelier with a simple style makes this room look so eye-catching.


This kitchen occupies a space that is not too large. However, with smart arrangement it makes the room comfortable for activities. The linear kitchen set model in white looks bright when exposed to sunlight from a nearby window. In addition, pothos makes the perfect plant to be a decoration and a natural air purifier.


Let's go to the most comfortable area for resting after activities, namely the bedroom. This room has an appearance that has bohemian decoration details with earth-tone colors. Some dried plants would be perfect to combine with this bedroom.

Outdoor space

Besides having a comfortable interior, this house also has an outdoor space that can be used to relax while enjoying the sunny weather. There are lounge chairs that make the owner feel like he's on the beach with summer sun. Give curtains or lattice walls to provide shade and comfort.

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