Tops Tips For a Care Plant In Indoor Room - A beautiful home environment must be a dream for many people, even one potted plant can make the atmosphere of the house cooler and fresher. No wonder plants are a popular choice for sweetening the home. But many do not know how to properly care for houseplants. As a result, it is not uncommon to find the plant wilting and drying out just a few weeks after purchase.

Choose plants that can grow indoors

There are many types of plants with their own uniqueness. For example, aloe vera plants, monstera, peace lily, etc. Of course, these types of plants have different ways of care. To facilitate maintenance, make sure you choose ornamental plants that do not need too much sunlight so that they can be placed indoors.

Find specific care instructions for your plants

Each plant has its own characteristics with different ways of care. As with monstera plants you must know how to care for beautiful monstera plants so that they do not easily die in the room. Which turned out that you should not put the monstera in direct sunlight.

Use a suitable pot

In order for the plant to grow well then you need to pay attention to the size of the pot used. The size of the pot must be adjusted to the growth of the plant, because the soil in the pot contains nutrients that can nourish the plant.

Pay attention to water intake and sunlight

Provide adequate sun exposure, according to the needs of the plant. However, not all plants need exposure to direct sunlight. Open the windows to let fresh air flow in so that the room temperature is maintained.

Fertilize regularly

Fertilizer serves to replace nutrients in the soil that is reduced, even depleted because it is absorbed by plants in the process of growth. In order for the plant to grow optimally, give fertilizer to your plants. Pay attention to the instructions for use of good fertilizers because each fertilizer has its own rules.

Crop regularly

Hanging ornamental plants such as pothos that grow too long and dense will be less pleasing to the eye. As a solution, prune the plant regularly.  Cut off the parts of the leaves that grow thick or have withered, such as twigs and leaves.

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