7 Easy And Practical Ways To Make Bathroom Storage


Homifine.com - The bathroom usually has a narrow and small size. So of course you will have difficulty in making storage in the bathroom that is comfortable and will not take up much space. You can make storage ideas that are easy and practical to apply to your minimalist home bathroom.

Sink Rack

Home sink shelves are indeed an easy place to access and look stylish for the bathroom. This shelf is very suitable to be placed in a small space to save bathroom space. You should put the equipment and bathroom items that are most often used so that it will look neat.


One way that you can use for storage that you should not miss is to put a ladder shelf. You can make a wooden ladder rack that can be used to place plants, hang towels and other toiletries. Set the distance how high or wide is needed.


Baskets not only have an aesthetic design, but the shape and size of the basket is always useful in your bathroom. These baskets can add some warm texture in the room and will definitely change the style of your bathroom. Place this basket in the corner of the room or area that needs storage.

Wall Hook

Wall hooks are a great way to add storage in the bathroom. Using wall hooks is the most classic storage idea that is still popularly used today. You can store or hang bathroom supplies such as towels, hair ties, etc.

Glass Container

Glass containers transform storage in the bathroom into more aesthetic. Not only glass jars but containers and other small decorative vases can be used so that you can create a unique style in the bathroom. You can use as a place plants that are placed around the bathroom.


Trays are the prettiest way to keep your bathroom countertop neat and organized. You can use the tray to elongate a beautiful sketch. You can put on top of the one that is attached to the wall so that it will not take up much space. You can put makeup brushes, candles, toothbrushes, etc.

Glass Cabinet

Mirrors are always able to make any room will feel more spacious so that its use is common in the bathroom. In addition, the mirror cabinet cabinet is usually also equipped with a fairly large storage area. Innovative design allows hide the clutter of the bathroom.

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