7 Tips to Create Bohemian Style in The House

Homifine.com - Boho or bohemian is one of the interior styles that is quite unique. You can see the use of bohemian style from the use of colored furniture and decorative objects, as well as highlighting things related to culture. By presenting a bohemian style can make the dwelling more relaxed and warm. There are some tips that you can use as a reference to create a bohemian style in the House.

Lay The Carpet

You can lay a carpet in the style of boho by applying it randomly, that is, as simply as possible. You can lay the carpet with a certain angle and even stack several carpets. You can include different patterns and textures in each carpet and different color combinations.

Present Low Chairs

There are many options for low-type seating for the living room, from lesehan sofas to seat cushions. You can choose the type of comfortable sofa with warm colors so that it can provide comfort for you and your family. You can also apply a plant with a large enough size that is placed around the living room so that it can give the impression of a more fresh and charming.

Add unique decorations

Decor related to something Cultural is an important feature in the boho style. You can present books with a variety of languages and unique covers. You can also elongated pictures or decorations of local artists that are unique and interesting. In the boho style you can apply unique and artistic forms of decor.

Avoid Dark Colors

Although there are no rules in applying the boho style, you should avoid dark colors such as black. For neutral colors for example for furniture, you can choose the color of the wood to make the room look more open and bright. You should not use dark colors that will make the look look dark.

Present Plants

Plants are the best way to make a room more orgnaik and fresh. Make sure that the selected plants can thrive in room conditions that will make the House charming. You can put it in a hanging pot or pot below. If you love to cook then there is no harm if you put herbs.

Make The Room As Colorful As Possible

Bright and bold colors and patterns are often the hallmark of the boho style. However this does not mean that the items in your home should have a different color. This refers more to that you do not need to limit the color wheel. You can combine colors that can certainly complement each other.

Expand Lighting

Brightness is the key to boho style. If you have a large window of course you can get a lot of natural light. You can use different light sources by bringing more than one lamp. You can also put a window with a large size so that the room will get maximum light.

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