700 Sqm Real Dream Cozy House Ideas

700 Sqm Real Dream Cozy House Ideas

Homifine.com -- The bungalow style house is very popular. It has a large meeting area on the terrace, special material selection, and a clear and visible shape of the house. This 700 square meter house design has a neat layout, a unique exterior, and a modern look that is ideal for today's home ideas.

Facade design 

This bungalow house has a distinctive facade design. It has a large front porch that is ideal for outdoor activities. You can also put a swing chair on the porch as a place to relax. A large yard with a path will provide comfort and a complex residence. The pastel exterior is chosen because it will be very warm at night and bright during the day.

Interior of room 

This bungalow house has a detailed interior. Furniture, fireplace, and decorative accents on the cabinet are all examples of this. The bright white color gives the impression of relief, and when combined with the circular ceiling up ceiling model, it makes the room warmer and more homey.

Open plan

The kitchen and dining room have been combined into one area. In terms of activities, this open plan concept gives the owner the impression of comfort and ease. The interiors are more daring, combining natural and modern elements. The window is maximized for lighting, so it is brighter.

Kitchen details

This model of island kitchen has a lot of storage space, which can be used for anything from cooking ingredients to furniture. With a little black contrast in some electronics, the bright maroon almost peach color looks lovely. Because of the dominant white color, this kitchen is still bright and spacious, and it is very functional as a place to drink coffee or read a book around the bar table.


This house has three bedrooms, and one of the ideas in this image is an example. The fact that the room is quite large will make activities in it more comfortable. Glossy parquet floors are not slippery; this is just a visual to ensure safety. It comes with a bed, a table, and a comfortable armless sofa.


The final example is of a functional bathroom interior. as a bathing place and also a laundry room. To make it more comfortable, this bathroom is intentionally large with multiple shower areas. The details are kept neat and clean, making the bathroom a pleasant place to be.

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