9 x 7.5 M Small House Design with 2 Bedroom

Homifine.com -- The following modern minimalist style home design will be an interesting style to follow starting from the details of the building structure, color application, and other interesting details. If you like this design idea, check out 9x7.5 M Small House Design with 2 Bedroom.

House facade design

This facade design has a modern minimalist style that uses light colors combined with natural stone textures and patterns to make it look more attractive. In addition, the shed roof design is also a detail that makes the facade of the house has the characteristics of a minimalist style home design.

Floor plan design

This 7.5 x 9 meter size includes several rooms both interior and exterior of the house. For the exterior area, there is a small courtyard, porch, and carport. As for the interior, there is a living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, laundry area, and 2 bedrooms. See the floor plan in more detail in the picture above.

Interior design

Let's take a look at the interior of this modern minimalist style small house. When you open the door, you'll find a small living room filled with linearly arranged sofas and other furniture on the walls. After the living room, there is a dining area that has several chairs with a simple design that does not take up much space.

Kitchen design

The kitchen and laundry area is not far from the dining area. In the kitchen, the white color is no longer seen dominantly and is replaced with wood color on the kitchen set. An interesting combination of colors and motifs on the backsplash wall can give a livelier look.

Bedroom design

This house design has 2 bedrooms and this is one of them. The small size is still made as much as possible to create comfort for the owner. There is a single bed arranged in the corner of the room and leaves enough space for a study table or wardrobe. The additional window is an important feature that maximizes circulation in this small room.




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