Adorable Mini Muji House Design with Clean Look -- Houses with muji designs are popular in Japan with distinctive building details using simple interior applications, both in color, decoration, arrangement, and furnishings. By using a muji design, even a small house can look spacious and bright. For muji house design ideas that you can see in detail, check Adorable Mini Muji House Design with Clean Look.

House facade design

The design of this house appears with a facade that looks simple but still has interesting details. The white color he uses doesn't look monotonous when given a touch of wood color on the door and window frames. The arches on the walls and also the unique patterns on some of the windows are the main attraction of this muji house design.

Side view

The design of this house also uses a simple roof, namely the gable roof model. The gable roof has a 2-plane structure which of course has an easier installation. To give dimension to the facade, there are 2 parts of the gable roof which are applied with different sizes for the porch and the rest of the house.

Rear view

Seen from behind, the design of this house has a simple look with a more dominant white color. This simple detail is the hallmark of the muji house and is accompanied by lots of windows which will allow better light to enter the room.

Living room

For the interior design, there is a living room which has furniture in matching colors, namely white and wood. In addition, to give a touch of a more attractive pattern, some walls and some tables use a marble pattern with a combination of gray which still blends in with the dominant muji concept.

Bedroom design

Another area is the bedroom. This bedroom design doesn't have many color combinations, but with unique window details it makes the room look cool and not boring. Some of these windows will work very well to keep your air comfortable.





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