Beautiful Tiny House Design with Full Facilities

Beautiful Tiny House Design with Full Facilities -- Small houses may appear to be lacking in amenities, but with proper planning, you can have all of your needs met. This house design will be an option for you and your partner. The entire space is very comfortable for activities, as well as wooden elements for a natural home dominance that is livable. 

Facade design 

This tiny house is made of wood and has a half-sloping canopy roof. Despite its small size of 4 x 5 meters, it appears complete with vents and doors. The details are unusual for a halfway house or temporary residence.

Interior design

In general, open-plan interiors with no partitions are common in small houses. intended to minimize limited space, so that each space has a sustainable design. The design, as seen, connects the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and bathroom while still maintaining their separate functions.

Detail kitchen 

The kitchen is a must-see. Kitchen designs tend to be cleaner, with lots of light elements and little furniture. Optimal ventilation lighting also has an impact on the kitchen space of a linear shape without cabinets like this. Furthermore, a touch of wood will be the focal point of a decent tiny house.

Contrasting interior

This is a front-side view of the living room and kitchen. The more contrasting details give the tiny house a warm feel. The cement flooring is more detailed and looks the same as the living room sofa. Maintain a neat arrangement; this space is becoming warmer as a result of the evenly and carefully arranged wooden panel ceiling.

Tiny house loft ideas

The concept of the loft is frequently used in small houses. Particularly for the bedroom. As you can see, the loft bedroom also has a minimalist staircase. Loft models like this are appropriate for a work area or a casual setting.

Bathroom design

The last one is to have a clean tiny house bathroom. Lighting is controlled not only by lighting lamps but also by glass on the roof. The dominant wood material is more elegant with a combination of natural stone flooring and a clean white interior.

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