How to Create an Urban Jungle in Any Space

How to Create an Urban Jungle in Any Space -- Using ornamental plants is one effective way to change the look of a room. Spending time with houseplants is a new way to add natural freshness to a room. Some of them actually prefer the cool look of the forest and have become popular among many people. Here's an example of a detailed review:

Choose a few plants


The most obvious first step in creating an urban forest design is to buy plants. Plants that require little or no care can be kept alive. Choose easy-to-grow plants like cacti, pothos, or rubber trees. This plant will thrive indoors, especially cacti that dislike being overwatered.

Make a propagation site


Plants that are easily propagated can also help to create a simple interior of our forests. For those of you running for office, you should select a plant that is easy to care for. In fact, you can view the tutorial for the plant propagation process first. This takes a long time, and you must be patient to get lush plants in the water.

Switch to multiple racks


As previously stated, in order to transform an urban forest into a space, you must first prepare items such as plant racks. Use display shelves for the wall and staircase model shelves to connect them on the TV cabinet. A group of integrated shelves will provide a clear visual, bright tropical impression.

Include some accessories


Using decorations for the room as well as the city forest in the house will be the best idea you can try. To form plants to grow upright, try using the best accessories such as planters, hanging baskets, and trellis axes. However, if you want to create a forest feel, choose vines that will creep on part of the wall surface.

Make a vertical garden


Without realizing it, the concept of urban forests does not necessitate the use of equipment. You can use a portion of the wall to implement the vertical garden concept as an urban forest. Clear the surface of the wall and create units for ornamental plants that grow without media, such as water plants or tillandsia to orchids.

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