Hygge Home Ideas for Boho Interiors

Hygge Home Ideas for Boho Interiors

Homifine.com -- Hygge home is a design with very clear details that creates a full environment and gives the soul a peaceful impression. The use of hygge for interior decoration can be combined with a variety of styles, including boho interiors, to create a cohesive look that provides comfort. Hygge originated in Norway, a country that is often associated with happiness. Not only can it be in the interior, but the happy hygge lifestyle will also bring us joy. 

Make a hygge corner

Choose a living room for boho decor with a hygge theme to give the space a neutral and clean appearance. Use distinct details from the sofa, coffee table, and even the rattan lampshade. Make room for tall tropical plants to add freshness.

Detailed boho kitchen 

Moving on, the kitchen is an area of the house that is obviously very important for its use. The right details convey the concept of clean space and neat arrangement. Model of kitchen table with contrasting stove equated between bar stools. Add cabinet accents for impromptu purposes.

Functional hallway

Because hygge design must be applied to the interior, the interior space must be precisely maximized. Especially the kitchen section for the corridor. The use of the oven as a built-in concept is ideal. Place some additional electronics in the cabinet and adjust as needed.

Hygge in the dining room

Then concentrate on the dining room, which is a very relaxing area of the house. A complete furniture set of wooden dining tables and chairs combined with soft pillows is ideal. The interior is bright and has a distinct boho scandi vibe. As a result, the walls are ideal for decorating more substantial spaces.

The natural bedroom

Take over the light and simple bedroom decor. Detail hygge you place for furniture cabinets with mirrors. To create a cheerful impression, create a spacious room concept from the direction of ventilation and light decoration accents in the form of vines.

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