Inspiration Design Terrace Minimalist Super Beautiful - The terrace is an important part of the House. In addition to affecting the front view of the house, the terrace of the house is also the first room seen by guests or anyone who comes to the House. Are you planning to make a minimalist home terrace? If yes then you can listen to the article below. 

Terrace House With Green Lawn

Do you want to create a beautiful terrace effect ? If so you can apply the terrace of the house by using fresh green grass. You can add beautiful flower plants so that the look looks charming. You can also add a chair with wood material for a place to relax.

Home Terrace Garden Shades

The feel of the Garden on the terrace of the house can indeed give a green impression to the occupancy of the House. To create a minimalist home terrace garden feel you can decorate it by planting a variety of green plants. You can choose a plant with a large size so that it will create a cool look.

Brown House Terrace

Terrace with shades of Brown can be an inspiration for you who like the concept of aesthetic room. You can add a corner of the terrace with a small chair with wood material with an elongated shape. You can also add plants such as cacti to make the display look beautiful.

Minimalist Wooden House Terrace

Minimalist home terrace can also be realized by using wood accents. You can arrange it by placing chairs and a small wooden table in the terrace area of the House. Do not forget to also decorate the area of the house with brown wood to give the impression of matching the terrace.

Vintage House Terrace

The main characteristic of vintage decoration is the antique decoration so that it can give a warm impression to the room. Vintage decor is usually also synonymous with the atmosphere of the room which is dominated by warm colors such as Brown. To give a vintage impression on the terrace, you can add decorations in the form of antique flower pots and aesthetic decorations in the terrace area.

Cozy Minimalist House Terrace

You can also use the concept of a terrace with a cozy look. Add a sofa with a light gray color with The Shape of the letter L so that it looks more spacious and does not take up much space. You can also add greenery around the terrace of this house.

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