Small Apartment Design and Decor for Cozy Interior -- Apartments are an option for some people who don't want to build a house and save more money. However, the problem with owning an apartment is that it's small, so owners need to deal with things like furniture selection and organization. For more ideas on small apartment interiors that are still comfortable to live in, check out Small Apartment Design and Decor for Cozy Interiors.



Living room design

The first area is the living room, which occupies a small space with a sofa and a small table. In addition, there is also storage to place items more neatly and space saving. In order not to be stuffy, this small living room is also equipped with large windows.

Dining area

Not far from the living room is the dining area, which is characterized by a round table with several chairs surrounding it. The use of this round table can provide a more flexible arrangement for the small space in the apartment.

Kitchen design

This kitchen with a simple yet unique model is an interesting idea to emulate. There is a kitchen set with a linear model that fills the space well and does not make it too cramped. In addition to the kitchen counter and wall cabinets, there is also a bar counter that can be used as a barrier between the kitchen and the surrounding area.


The bedroom in this apartment is small in size but the lack of furniture in it still provides comfort and the remaining space for access. Besides the bed, there is also a side table that will make your small items more organized. In addition, the use of large windows is very important for small bedrooms because it will maximize air and light circulation.





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