Tiny House Living for Sensational Living


Tiny House Living for Sensational Living 

Homifine.com -- The tiny house will be the most imaginative residence with a spectacular concept. designed with care and also concerned with the side of life as a place to live. The design of this house includes furniture that builds, accents the stairs for the attic area, and a large yard for the outdoor area. The following are the specifics from this review:

Facade design

A clean small house with minimalist accents looks charming with a natural concept. Because the house faces west, it is dependent on lighting. The details are open, with plenty of space between the pages. looks neater and more elegant.

Interior design of the living room

The first area includes a living room as well as a family room. The parquet floor details are quite clear, adding more unique details to the space. There is a corner sofa to complement the wall decoration. This room has more natural and warm details.

Multipurpose space

To rely on a tiny house with a limited size, you must neatly finish the details of the space. Make the kitchen area, in particular, a multipurpose room. Obviously, such a concept will increase space and storage more effectively. To overcome the room's narrow impression, avoid using large furniture.

Kitchen layout

Pay close attention to the kitchen area when cooking. A small, complex table with a few cabinets will provide an efficient storage area. Stand out with navy and white colors; you can enhance space elements such as windows and curtains to complement.

Loft bedroom 

Make use of the attic space for a bedroom. This is adequately equipped with ventilation, lighting, and the use of only compact furniture. because a heavy load could cause the floor to collapse, which must be avoided.

Home page

Is a large enough portion of the house land. This could be a place to soak in the winter to keep warm. Make it from the deck and raise it to differentiate it from the ground elevation. Complete the furniture for a comfortable and relaxing environment.

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