Tips For Decorating Your Living Room to be Lively and Colorful - The first impression that guests see of the house visited is from the living room. The way you decorate the living room does have a great influence on their judgment. The comfort of the living room must be prioritized so that you can decorate it with a beautiful and fresh look. There are some tips that you can apply so that the living room feels alive and colorful.

Measure Your Living Room

Before you make make a decision about democratizing the living room, then do not forget to measure the area of the living room accurately. These measurements will make sure you choose the carpet to the appropriate furniture and decor. You can measure the area of the living room accurately so that it will be more mature in decorating it.

Wall Ornaments

You are free to choose the ornaments you want to display on the living room wall according to your preferences. There are various choices of living room wall decorations to create a more lively atmosphere. Starting from family photos, abstract paintings, etc. Also note the placement of ornaments to add to the aesthetic value of your living room.

Carpet Under The Table

Simple things like putting a carpet under the table can also make the living room more beautiful. The choice of floor carpets available also varies, such as ethnic pattern carpets to carpets with fur material. This carpet can not only make the look more aesthetic but also will add to your comfort.

Green Plants

For those of you who like green plants that live and synthesis can also take advantage of the empty space in the guest runag to display it. Besides being able to make the room fresher, elongated plants will make the living room more lively. You can put it in the corner of the room or on the table using the jar as a flower pot.

Additional Furniture

You can add additional furniture in the living room such as decorative lights, bookshelves, etc.that will be a beautiful decoration. You can choose the color of the furniture that matches the feel of your living room as a whole so that the color will look matching and harmonious. Furniture is better muudah on the move so that it can be adjusted to the theme of your living room decor.

Beautiful Curtains

The living room window can also be decorated with beautiful curtains as part of the decor. You do not have to choose a crowded pattern, just plain curtains are enough to decorate the living room. Also choose a good and durable curtain material, because curtains also serve to protect your privacy.

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