Totally Beautiful Bungalow Classic Ideas for Living

Totally Beautiful Bungalow Classic Ideas for Living -- This classic 1924 bungalow can be used as an example of a suitable residential home. It is ideal as a residential home with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and other functional spaces such as a kitchen, dining room, living room, and lounge. All elements are made of high-quality materials to create a timeless and long-lasting home. The design is fully functional:

Bungalow facade design 

This blue and white bungalow house exudes elegance. The house's pillars are built around the terrace, giving it a sturdy appearance. The metal roof chosen adds to the bungalow's character, making it even warmer and more elegant. The front and back yards filled with landscaping and irrigation will undoubtedly make all your plants lush and lively.

Open space room 

The classic theme with the dominant white color remains the choice in the interior. The living room has an original brick fireplace and a built-in bookshelf suitable for evening activities. However, this room is made open space without a partition by a small accent wall that resembles a hallway. the presence of the

Dining room specifics

This time, the dining room, which is located at the far end of the living room, is quite large. Complete with all Scandinavian accents. The bungalow house's dining room will be enhanced by parquet flooring with additional carpet. This concept will be very interesting with the details of ornamental plants and charming chandeliers.

Kitchen layout

A clean-looking kitchen will give the impression of being spacious and neat. Cabinets as storage will be extremely versatile. The classic themed kitchen design also includes a mini bar and large windows to ensure adequate lighting in the room.

Terrace design

On the terrace, this is part of the house's courtyard. made very beautiful and appealing, equipped with a swing bed will make you fall in love with this classic bungalow design even more. The expansive patio adds character as well as additional outdoor space for a variety of activities.

Examples of guest bedroom

This bungalow house has two guest rooms in the front. One of them is this example, which features real wood flooring, minimal furnishings, and a comfortable and bright bed. There is a new bathroom on the inside. Dressers, walk-in closets, and special shelves are used as a supplement to make it easier.

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