Simple Laundry Room Ideas Suitable For Small Homes - The design of a simple laundry room is certainly your choice who has a residence with a limited area or may meet a minimalist concept. Although simple, you can organize your laundry room still eye catching and not boring. The laundry room is a place or room that is an essential part that should be in the House. The laundry room is an area that has the function of putting dirty clothes and washing clothes. Let's look at some of the following inspirations

Laundry Room And Bathroom

From the name alone you must have guessed how the design of the laundry room on this one. Making one room multifunctional can certainly save existing land, especially if you live in a residence such as an apartment. This laundry room is in the corner of the room before entering the bathroom so that it can be easily accessed.

Wood-Accented Laundry Room

The use of wood accents for a building never disappoints. In addition to creating a more natural and natural impression, it also has its own aesthetic value for the room. You can apply wood on the walls of this laundry room so that it can give a unique impression. You can also apply the floor with a unique wood motif.

Laundry Room Beside Kitchen

It is enough to provide a small free area in the kitchen to place a washing machine. Then you have got a laundry area that can increase the effectiveness of daily household chores. This laundry room uses a funny cover so that it can give the impression of looking attractive. In order not to seem empty you can put hanging plants.

Laundry Room on the Side Terrace

For those of you who live in apartments, you can take advantage of the empty area on the side terrace or room terrace to put a washing machine. Do not forget to install a glass barrier wall to keep out rain and wind. You can decorate this laundry room with various plants that can indeed grow in indoor areas.

Laundry Room Overlooking the Garden

Waiting for the laundry that is being milled by the washing machine sometimes feels very boring. Well, with this one design you don't need to be afraid of getting bored. While waiting for the laundry to finish grinding, you can while looking at the green and beautiful garden. You can also put a small chair for you to relax for a while while drinking tea.

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