Lovely Bungalow House Design Ideas with 3 Bedrooms and Floor Plan -- The bungalow house is still much admired today. The following is one of the bungalow house design ideas that you can make a reference. With a size that is not too large, this house design is able to present 3 bedrooms and other facilities. For details, check Lovely Bungalow House Design Ideas with 3 Bedrooms and Floor Plan.

House facade design

The facade is the face of a house. The facade design of this house looks beautiful so that it will give a good impression when others see it. There is a white color applied to the right and left sides. As for the porch, it has a darker color and makes the house look more attractive.

Living and dining area

Entering the interior, the house features a living area furnished with a minimalist sofa arranged neatly against a television wall. In addition, this living area also has large windows that make the house feel more spacious. Not far from the living area, there is also a dining area with furniture that has matching colors.

Kitchen design

The kitchen is not large but is attractively designed using an L-shaped kitchen set layout model which is then combined with a small bar table that covers the kitchen area so that the owner can move more freely. This kitchen area also has a maximum wall cabinet that will make the arrangement of goods more neat and concise.

Rear view

Not only does this house have an attractive front facade, it also has a back area with an amazing look. In addition to the exterior wall with several windows, there is also a porch designed to have a gable roof with simple but beautiful pillars. This back porch area can also be used as a cool and more private relaxing area.

Floor plan

This house is designed to have a size of 63 sqm with details of 9 x 7 meters. Some of the facilities include a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, 3 bedrooms, and a porch. For details of the layout and size of the room you can see in the picture above.





 Author      : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
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