Best Ideas for Transforming Small Balcony Into A Marvelous One -- Do you have a balcony but it's so small that you don't know how to decorate it? Here are some small balcony decorating ideas that you can use as references. Check out Best Ideas for Transforming Small Balcony Into A Marvelous One.

Beautiful in white

White never seems to be a wrong choice to apply to a small area like this balcony. The owner chose white for the walls and furniture. There are also curtains that provide shade for the small balcony to keep it cozy.

Vertical plant shelf

If you want to give it a fresh touch but don't want to make your small balcony even more cramped, use a vertical shelf for a few potted plants in a neat arrangement so that the small balcony can still be filled with a few chairs to relax.

Add some cozy furniture

Adding a few pieces of furniture would be an interesting thing for the balcony to make it a pleasant relaxing area. However, pay attention to the selection of furniture so that it is still suitable for a small area and make sure to leave a comfortable space for access.

Turn it into a small garden

If you love gardening, your little balcony can also be a fun area with some shelves to organize more potted vegetables. Keep it neat so you can water them easily. Having a garden on your balcony will also save you money as you can harvest your vegetables at home.

Clean look for cool relaxing spot

This last balcony idea has a small area but the owner made it the most pleasant area by adding a comfortable sofa with some plants around it. If your balcony is too small, you can place plants on the railing which also helps the balcony feel fresher and shadier.




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