77 Sqm Simple House Design with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan

Homifine.com -- This house design has an interesting style with a modern touch that makes it more eye-catching. With the right size, this house also has comfortable facilities for its owners such as 2 bedrooms that are suitable for parents and children. For some details of this house design, check 77 Sqm Simple House Design with 2 Bedrooms + Floor Plan.

House facade design

The facade of this house has a more fun touch with an unusual color. It is very interesting when combined with details that have a neat finish. In the front area there is a porch with sturdy natural stone pillars and it feels even fresher when it has several planters and gardens in front of the house.

Living room design

Upon entering the interior, at the very front there is a living area with a sofa that is neatly arranged along with decorations placed on the wall. This room uses a dimensional ceiling model that makes for an attractive overall display.

Dining area design

Other than living area, there is also a dining area made close together and without a partition. The dining area has a minimalist furniture set that looks more stand out when adding a chandelier and awesome wall decorations.

Kitchen design

The kitchen is designed in a more private area to provide comfort during activities. In addition, there is also a laundry area that is made to be integrated with the kitchen cabinet to make it more efficient.

Floor plan design

This house can be built on an area of 7 x 11 meters with a comfortable room arrangement. The front part has a porch. Entering the house there is a living area, dining area, kitchen, 2 bedrooms and a bathroom. See the detailed size in the picture above.





Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
Source      : Nascity Design

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