10x10 Meters Elegance Bungalow House Design with 4 Bedrooms


10x10 Meters Elegance Bungalow House Design with 4 Bedrooms 

Homifine.com -- This house offers a beautiful and elegant look in a modern bungalow house concept that will make everyone feel attracted. With a size of 10x10 meters, it is ideal to create a comfortable family home with 4 bedrooms. Let's check the details of "10x10 Meters Elegance Bungalow House Design with 4 Bedrooms" below!

Front View

Front View

The exterior of the house looks attractive with a combination of earthy tones that are warm but also feel refreshing. The concept of a bungalow house with a terrace and green spots around it, there are 3 sturdy pillars that support the terrace roof very well. The building line looks firm but also unique, giving a modern looks.

Nice Details

Corner View

The facade looks so beautiful with the various decorations used. You can see the selection and placement of natural stones on the exterior of this house, including the walls and pillars. Unique building lines with accent lines that make the impression of a wider house. Some wall lights are also placed in the best spot to make the facade look great.

Roof Design

Roof View

This roof uses a sloping structure with layers to protect the building maximal. The layered detail also adds beauty to the exterior. Sloped roofs like this are usually quite affordable, with a simple looks and easy maintenance. So it is very suitable for small and minimalist house models.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

This is a simple floor plan of this house. Complete with a list of amenities, and approximate size. It is quite complete and suitable for even a small-medium family, as it already has 4 bedrooms. 

And the estimated construction cost is around Php 2.3M+ to 2.5M+ for standard finishing. But of course, this price can vary depending on many factors, such as where you live, the price of materials, laborers' wages, and others. So, please consult with the experts!

Interior Sneak Peek

Interior View

And this is a small overview of the interior of the house. Not much different, the interior also looks so elegant just like the exterior of the house. Minimalist style, to the open space layout is very effective to make the room feel wider and more spacious. The interior styling and the right choice of materials make the room look so shining, despite its minimalist size! 

Author       : Rieka

Editor        : Munawaroh

Source      : Youtube 3DHome-Idea  

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