5 x 5 m Small Bungalow House Design with Floor Plan

Homifine.com -- A bungalow house design does not have to be built with a large size. This time you will get a reference to the design of a bungalow house with a small size so that it can be built more cheaply. Interested in having one? Check the details, 5 x 5 m Small Bungalow House Design with Floor Plan.

House facade design

The design of the facade of this house has a still attractive appearance with a width of 5 meters. There is a porch in the corner area with a railing that is a safe feature as well as an element that beautifies the house. The roof design combines pyramid and gable patterns that are well adjusted based on the building structure.

Living room design

Entering the interior, there is a living room with a linear sofa facing the television cabinet. The living area is small in size but still manages to provide good circulation with the large windows.

Kitchen design

At the back is the kitchen, which is small in size and has fitted cabinets with soft colors. In addition to the window, there is also a back door that will keep the room fresh and become an access option to the house.

Bedroom design

Next is the bedroom with the selection of earth tones that provide a calmer atmosphere. To give a decorative touch, there is wallpaper on the wall area that is not entirely.

Floor plan design

This 5 x 5 meter house can be occupied alone or as a couple. There is a living area, mini kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. See the detailed floor plan in the picture above.

Author       : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
Source      : Nascity Design

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