9 x 9 m Warm and Homey Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms

Homifine.com -- This home design has an impressive look with a one-story concept that is warm and relaxing. The size is not too large but it can bring many cozy rooms inside. Are you interested to know more? Check out 9 x 9 m Warm and Homey Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms.




House facade design

The facade design of this house looks beautiful with a finishing scheme that uses natural tones such as a combination of warm wood colors and soft white colors. There are some neat details to give variety to the appearance so that it is not monotonous. There is also a carport with a flat roof that blends with the porch. The main roof uses a simpler gable type.




Living room design

 For the interior area, the living room is at the very front with a clever arrangement of furniture. The sofa is arranged linearly facing the television cabinet. The wall area is made functional by adding storage displays that can organize some decorations in a more space-saving and stunning way.


Dining area and kitchen

 The kitchen and dining area are located at the back with an adjacent arrangement. Linear kitchen sets can provide ample space for dining area sets. The addition of windows and back doors will add a fresher and less stuffy feel to this area.



Bedroom design

The bedroom is designed with a minimalist look that does not use many details and color combinations. There are decorations on the wall area and the owner can add a walk in closet for added space-saving storage.


Floor plan design

This 9 x 9 meter house design has several rooms in it including a carport, living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom, and 3 bedrooms. See the plan details more clearly in the picture above.

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