2-Storey House Design Ideas for You

Homifine.com -- Anyone is free to have a dream home and of course hopes very strongly to be able to realize it as soon as possible. Some of the following ideas can be a good reference for an awesome design. Check out some of the details below on 2-Storey House Design Ideas for You.

Simple and clean modern house design

The first house design depicts a simple urban building with a modest size. The modern concept can be seen from the application of colors with harmonious tones with additional large windows that make the house feel more spacious and open.

Warm and masculine house

If you're into shady and mysterious looks, you might like this design. The color selection with darker tones will blend with the warm wood color. Choose elegant details for the exterior to make it blend in better.

Open balcony for cool relaxing space

Furthermore, it has a more majestic size with an ideally elevated building structure. The large and open balcony is one of the attractive features of this home design. Make sure to have a railing with the right height to keep it safe for anyone to access.

Add fence for safety features

Another thing that cannot be ignored from a safe home design is the addition of a fence. If possible, make the house have a firewall that surrounds the side and back. For the front, use a more open design to bring out the beauty of your home.







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