9 x 9 m Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms


Homifine.com -- Choosing the right design for your home is very important. Adjust to your needs based on the area you have. For example, for an area measuring 9 x 9 meters, you can build a house with the following design. Check out 9 x 9 m Small House Design with 3 Bedrooms.



House facade design

 The facade of this house looks attractive with a gable roof model arranged in a non-monotonous structure. The spacious porch will also become a functional area so that the owner can relax more comfortably. To create shade, adding a wooden lattice to the porch is an interesting idea.



Interior design


Next is the interior. This house has an interior that looks spacious with an open space concept consisting of a living area and a dining area. Some tropical plants will be a touch that makes the room more lively.



Kitchen and laundry area


Not far from the main room, there is a kitchen and laundry area which has a more private area, providing comfort for activities. Even though this area is small, large glass doors can provide a wider and brighter effect for the house.




Bedroom design

 For the bedroom, a room that is not too big can be utilized well if it has a smart arrangement. There is a bed, work desk, toilet, and also shelves placed on the wall area to organize books and decorations.



Floor plan design

Measuring 9 x 9 meters, this house design has several facilities such as a living area, dining area, kitchen, bathroom and 3 bedrooms. See detailed plans and dimensions in the image above.

Author      : Hafidza
Editor        : Munawaroh
Source      : Tiny House Design

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