89 Sqm Dynamic One-Story House Design with 2 Bedrooms with a Shed Roof

89 Sqm Dynamic One-Story House Design with 2 Bedrooms with a Shed Roof 

Homifine.com -- Owning a home is a fulfillment and an investment for a family, as it is the most comfortable place to come home to. In fact, this is where we feel the true spirit of comfort. Home is also a place where we can create an atmosphere that reflects our lifestyle and character. 

The following 89 Sqm Dynamic One-Story House Design with 2 Bedrooms and a Shed Roof is a perfect example for those of you who are looking for beautiful home inspiration. Let's check the design details below!

Front View

Front View

This single-storey house is a modern style that is built on a 89.94 sqm land area. The stylish exterior appeal makes this home stand out in any neighborhood or location. The elevated porch is enhanced with brown marble floor tiles, maroon-colored brick accent wall cladding, and a simple shed roof. 

In addition, the other side of the exterior wall is adorned with exposed cement and wooden slats that give the house a bit of an industrial modern touch.

Left Side of The House

Left Side of The House

What's more, the bright veranda feels cozy in a space with beautiful gardens and landscaping. The design of glass doors and large windows, provides enough air and light to ventilate the room. The combination of white glass aluminum frames and maroon and brown siding offers a blend of style and elegance.

Right Side of The House

Right Side of The House

By the way, the outer walls of other elevations are made of simple raw concrete plaster. Meanwhile, the opposite-oriented shed roof shows a perfect style for this residence. 

Overall, the entire exterior facade of this house presents a dynamic character by using a mix of white, gray, brown, and maroon colors. A simple yet impressive design, the raised veranda serves as the perfect welcome to this two-bedroom modern bungalow home.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan

 House Features: 

- Terrace 

- Living room 

- Dining room 

- Kitchen 

- 2 Bedrooms 

- 1 Bathroom 

- Car port 

The bright living room feels cozy with the help of glass windows that supply enough air and light; the comfort also extends to the dining room. Meanwhile, the private zones of the two bedrooms occupy the right side of the plan. 

In contrast, the car port is conveniently located on the left side of the house. The layout is very smart and functional. Indeed, simple yet refreshing, this dynamic two-bedroom house design is a great choice for families because of its features.

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